AMT Systems Inc.

Santa Anita Race Track - Arcadia, CA

Historic Santa Anita Park in Arcadia, California has been a destination of thoroughbred racing fans for over a century. Established in the early 1900’s Santa Anita was relocated to its current location at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains in 1934 and is considered one of the most beautiful horse tracks in the country.

AMT designed and installed a new public address system in 1997, however, as the park’s attendance and demographic has evolved, Santa Anita Park has converted a large section of the grandstands to luxury suites and added the Frontrunner restaurant.  While the original sound system was still in excellent working order, the glass fronts of Frontrunner and the luxury suites had a negative impact on the sound quality from the system as it was originally designed.  In 2014 Santa Anita Park enlisted AMT Systems to design an upgraded sound system to take advantage of current technology while taking into account the new reflective surfaces, thus ensuring a premiere-quality guest experience.

Utilizing a distributed sound approach consisting of Community R Series speakers, AMT Systems was able to create a solution that provided greater intimacy and clarity throughout the space.

To give the sound engineer a greater sense of what is happening in the guest areas and mix accordingly, AMT installed a Soundcraft Performer mixing console near the winners circle. With the system inputs/outputs all located in a central location, the networked mixing surface can be plugged in and operated in a variety of locations.

AMT was presented with some great problem-solving opportunities throughout the project.  The park approved the upgrades with very little time before the Breeder’s Cup, however, it was critical that the work be completed before this prestigious event.  During installation, AMT had to work in the same general location as the temporary bleachers that were being installed.  As a result, aerial lifts reaching over 125′ were needed to reach many grandstand speaker locations.

Other areas of the track have also been renovated to support private parties and group sales.  AMT equipped these areas with media systems that allow local source inputs as well as the track-announce feed.

AMT Systems completed the project in time for Santa Anita Park to host the Breeder’s Cup.  The overwhelming feedback of the guests at this world-class event was that the sound quality is on-par with the stature of both the event and the venue.

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