AMT Systems Inc.

USC Catholic Center - Los Angeles, CA

With a world-wide draw, University of Southern California has a very diverse student base.  Our Savior Parish and USC Caruso Catholic Center serves as the local Catholic Church for USC and the surrounding community, and is especially committed to ministering to the students.  In order to better serve their community, the Parish built a new church facility which includes a church space as well as additional rooms for various events.

Knowing that the integrated technology had to be excellent, the Church hired AMT Systems to provide design and integration services for the new project.  AMT installed two four-box line arrays to handle the audio.  With extremely even coverage for every seat in the church, this system delivers a very intimate spoken word while also offering the power necessary for the contemporary services.  A touch panel interface allows for an extremely simple user interface which seamlessly and automatically adjusts a variety of settings for mass-specific customization.

In addition to the church space, AMT also outfitted the new conference center and meeting rooms with sound and video projection systems.  The infrastructure necessary to use the conference center as a church overflow was installed allowing a more intimate and inclusive experience for all parishioners attending the holiday masses.

As a creative approach to reaching the students, the Church asked AMT Systems to install a large-screen LED television and sound system in a lounge, creating a fun place to “hang out” during live sporting broadcasts and other youth-specific events.

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